• Lifetime & Executive Member of The Alberta Bouvier des Flandres Club

  • Lifetime Member of the Canadian Kennel Club

  • Member of the American Bouvier des Flanders Club

  • Pedigree Breeder Award

I invite you to take the time to explore and discover Nebadon Bouviers, the home of Western Canada's Top Bouviers. Nebadon is a very small home based kennel and yet has the distinction and satisfaction of seeing many of the Bouviers we have bred obtaining top honors. With over 75 American and Canadian Champions, Multiple Best in Show and Specialty Show Winners in both Countries. The honor of breeding many Top 3 Bouviers  in Canada and the Number One Bouvier in the US, the top breeder in Alberta status by receiving the Grover Award for the 10th time. As well as breeder of Top Obedience Dogs in Canada, we are proud of the achievements all the owners of our Bouviers have accomplished in carting, tracking, search & rescue and protection training their dogs. Welcome to our site and may you enjoy your time spent with us.

UPCOMING LITTER: Litter due mid-June For further information on availability of puppies please contact us.

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